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15 Startup Incubators Worldwide You Haven’t Heard Of

Be it aiding startups with mentorship, or be it providing financial advices that lead to further profit and betterment of growth-driven companies, incubators are pacing up fast in order to cope up with their increasing demands because of accommodative staff, sophisticated training, and mentorship in a wide variety of areas related to entrepreneurship and freelancing. Needless to say, such versatile and flexible organizations are an absolute essential in the Silicon Valley of India: Bangalore. In order to promote entrepreneurs to grow their business and succeed, here is a list of 19 incubators in Bangalore:

1. Bangalore Alpha Lab

A junction point for budding entrepreneurs to interact, rectify and improvise their plans. Bangalore Alpha Lab also provides co-working spaces.

Key person: Not Available

Funding: Partnership with companies like g2go.com provides the entrepreneurs an all-round accommodation for their build-up.

— Provides tech mentorship, marketing mentorship and business mentorship.

— Organizing meet-ups and ventures for its members.

— Offers considerable discount for startups.

— Helping an entrepreneur team up with reputed support services with a concession.

— Conduct interactive sessions among entrepreneurs and the local tech community.

Portfolio: Zoomdeck, True Food, Buy Hatke, Damadoes, Sign Easy and many others.

Contact: bangalorealphalab@gmail.com

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2. Global Incubation Services

This Technology Business Incubator (TBI) is a perfect place for startups, joint ventures and meet-ups with state-of-the-art discussion rooms, conference hall, auditorium and lots more.

Key person: Sri. B.N. Betkerur, Dr. P.K.B. Menon

Funding: Provides Seed funding. It has a large number of funding partners all over the world, brought together under the ‘Indian Angel Network’ concept of Global Incubation Services They have been investing in a large number of sectors including educations, healthcare, IT sectors, biotech etc.

— Sufficient reduction in startup costs.

— Market analysis.

— Technical assistance from experts and professionals.

— Supporting infrastructure.

— Getting its members access to the entrepreneurial community of GIS.

Portfolio: Digikrit, Indiamart Ventures, Amphilbee Technologies, Opendoor Education and many more.

Contact: Ph: 080 2520 0916

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3. IIIT — Bangalore Innovation Centre

Focusing on the point where society meets technology, The International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore has achieved another major feat by launching I-MACX to create successful ventures with the consulting aids of successful entrepreneurs and innovators.

Key person: Prof. S. Sadagopan


— Angel investment

— Seed investment, with a range of Rs. 25 Lacs approx.

— Enabling startups and social innovations with expert guidance.

— Building products like MagicMe.

Portfolio: RedMed, Chipmonk, EasyM2M. Most recent investments include nSmiles, Kickstart Cabs.

Contact: registrar@iitb.ac.in

4. Khosla Labs

Khosla Labs collaborate with entrepreneurs on their prorotyped plans and helps in implementation so that they turn out successful and profitable. Banking, data analytics and machine learning are some of the areas of their expertise.

Key person: Vinod Khosla, Srikanth Nadhamuni

Funding: Khosla Labs have their own Khosla Ventures seed fund for financing their project and shaping up startups, molded with the precision and expertise of successful entrepreneurs and businessmen.

— Building prototypes of ideas and projects by their technological team.

— These prototypes are tested on practical fields to get a thorough evaluation.

— Focusing on major trade domains like retail efficiency, banking etc.

Contact: contact@khoslalabs.com

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5. NASSCOM 10000 startups

In order to fulfill its dream of creating an all-round-infrastructure for aiding technological startups, NASSCOM launched its «10000 startups» initiative and it’s already doing pretty well in incubating technology startups. The focus for NASSCOM Bangalore is to engage effectively with the members, build local activities, broad base national initiatives at a regional level, work with policy makers and academia and promote development of tier II cities.

Funding: NASSCOM has associated itself with reputed funding partners like Indian Angel Network, CrunchBase, Nexus etc.

A fully equipped kit of business tools made by leading companies like Microsoft, Google and others, worth Rs 10 lacs.

Contact: +91 120 4990111

Email: startups@nasscom.in

6. NSRCEL IIM Bangalore

Be it entrepreneurs, researchers or academicians, IIM Bangalore has it all in its startup hub- NSRCEL to transform innovative business ideas into reality. NSRCEL has been an active catalyst in the growth of Indian startup ecosystem since 2002.

Key person: N S Raghavan

Funding: Seed funding


MPEFB: Management Programme For Entrepreneurs And Family Businesses

2. MPWE: Management Programme For Women Entrepreneurs

3. Online Courses: They provide several online courses on entrepreneurship as well.

— Access to IIM Bangalore exclusive research materials

— Providing a pre-incubation launch pad.

— Mentoring by experienced mentors, as per business field.

Portfolio startups: Skill infinity, Edukul, Climber, PlacidVision, Kriyative, Airim, Venkam Technologies, Tenxer.

Contact: +918026993701

E-mail: nsrcel@iimb.ernet.in

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7. Srijan Capital

Srijan Capital attends to startups based out of India and have India as their target market. Exhibiting pioneer skills in digital marketing, this incubator has been quite popular among NRI business aspirants. Their focus areas include Global SAAS, and Consumer Internet startups.

Key person: Ravi Trivedi

Funding: Provides seed stage investment to technology startups. Incubation rounds are larger size and cover the cost of running the company for at-least 2 years.

— Building and idealizing business ideas.

— Connection with global SAAS, Consumer Internet Startups etc.

— Larger size incubation.

Portfolio: PushEngage, CouponRani, and CouponBelanja, & our investments are Explara, Tookitaki, Mech Mocha, Venturesity, and CollateBox.

Contact: http://in.linkedin.com/in/trivediravi

8. Tata ELXSI

Setting its own place among the world’s top technology service providers, Tata ELXI provides a wide variety of services, ranging from product design development, consumer electronics, heath services and a lot more. They also provide solutions and services for emerging technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things), Big Data Analytics, Cloud, Mobility, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

Key person: Not Available

Funding: Tata ELXSI has its funding and financial associates all over the world, bound together under the act of Corporate Governance.

— System designing

— Product engineering

— Content development regarding business programmes

— Creating tie-ups with investors of Tata ELXSI.

Contact: +91 80 2297 9123

E-mail: info@tataelxsi.com

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9. Tech Hub

Nurturing business aspirants to help them create their own startups at a much faster rate is the primary objective of this distinctive incubator, Tech Hub. By providing a meeting place for aspirants with their own ideas, and letting them interact, discuss, and finalize an improvised plan is what this incubator is set to achieve.

Key person: Manoj Chandrappa

Funding: Tech Hub acquires funding from its string of members and alumni, which include Callsign, PixelPin and others.

— An innovative ecosystem comprising of aspirants interacting with each other to rectify and re-modify their plans.

— Coffee evenings with social ventures like Ankur Capital.

Contact: hello@techhub.com

10. KStart

KStart is a seed fund initiative by Kalaari Capital and focuses on the growth of startups. It also organizes various technical as well as commercial events related to entrepreneurship and marketing. They have rolled out an exclusive fellowship program which is committed to develop future leaders in the venture capital and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Key person: Vani Kola, Muthiah Venkateswaran

Funding: Provides seed funding

— Fair capital

— Expert advice

— Exclusive resource central for Indian startups

— Profiting from large-scale technical partners.

Portfolio: Vernacular.ai, Indee, Parablu, Active.ai, Signzy, Affordplan, Freespeech, Advenio, Guaranteed.

Contact: +9108067733000

Email: team@kstartcapital.com

11. 91springboard

A well-reputed coworking space for startups, freelancers and business owners, 91springboard provides the ideal environment of a corporate workspace under the supervision of experts from various fields.

Key people: Anand Vemuri, Deepak Sharma

Funding: Not Available

— Access to Pan India network to locate new opportunities for business ventures.

— Providing a scope to interact with product investors by product demonstration.

— Getting exclusive services from business partners with a large amount of concession.

Contact: +91-9015419191

12. Startup Village

Not only does Startup Village provides appropriate support for raising your own business, this student entrepreneurship campaign lets the undergraduates a scope to get to know the chain of events in Silicon Valley. Startup village is hugely praised by all, along with the approvals of both NSTEDB Govt. of India and Embassy of the United States.

Key person: Sarah (SYM), Alia (Walat)

Funding: Startup Village gets funded by a number of business investors as well as startups which were created by their support and backing.

· Student scholarships funded by Paytm.

· They have their own cloud partner, host partner, official outreach partner.

· Already has given birth to some great startups like Spenwise, SYM etc.

Portfolio: Cure house, Skhedule.me, VirtualDeck, IMUX, insi8, Curis, Adithi, RentMe and many more.

Contact: help@sv.co

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13. Amrita Technology Business Incubator

Ranking itself among the top five incubators of the country, Amrita Technology Business Incubator has set its focus on creating sustainable and stable business plans by motivating and boosting the budding entrepreneurs as well as freelancers. Their focus areas include IT, Cyber Security, Telecom, Wireless, Cloud computing, Social Media and Biotechnology.

Key person: Not Available

Funding: The ventures of Amrita Technology Business Incubator are supported and funded by government investors such as Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Technology Development Board. Amrita TBI also works with VC funds in India which can invest in startup companies

·Help their clients get in touch with their business partners, which include Amazon, Indian Angel Network and lots more.

· Provides support to social entrepreneurs through it’s program STAR. Key focus areas include: Agriculture, Village Industries, ICT, Food Storage and Security.

· Both physical as well as virtual incubation is available.

Portfolio: Algorial, Bizbee, Cookifi, IOT Labs, Acceleron Labs and many more.

Contact: +91(0) 476 280 5455

Email: info@amritatbi.com

14. Syndicate.tech

Syndicate.tech is a startup incubator which is aiding new startups to get a strong market base and make them fit for the competitive world.

Key person: Kaustubha Mani

Funding: Not Available

· Business support

· One-on-one meeting with mentors

· Supporting the infrastructure of startups

15. C-Camp Bioincubator

Directly under the Department of Biotechnology of the Government of India, C-Camp Bioincubator aims for the betterment of Bioscience research and business ventures. Blending an environment-friendly surrounding along with academic research and development, C-Camp Bioincubator is now the new face of research, development, training and services.

Key person: Dr. Pratibha Boga-Kamat

Funding: Seed funding

— State-of-the-art technologies.

— Ensuring business growth along with technological uplift.

— Mentorship program.

— Innovation Accelerator.

Portfolio: CellWorks, InnAccel, Cleanergies Biosciences, Biomoneta, The Andorum and many more.

Contact: 91-80-23085055

16. National Design Business Incubator

NDBI supports designers to turn their ideas and concepts into successful competitive businesses and provides an environment to develop an essential business management skills and systems that may enable designers to grow as business leaders.

Key person: Mr. Pradyumna Vyas, Vikram Singh Parmar

Funding: Provides Seed funding as well as VC funding

— A well-equipped learning environment.

— Timely supervision by experts to acquire funding.

— Meetings with consultant designers.

— Design clinics/Workshops

— Design Consultancy and Design/IP Registration

Portfolio: Kumar & Hoilund Design Solu., Limbot Technologies, Feel Good Innovations, Taparch Footwear and many more.

Contact: +919902067555

Email: manager.ndbi.b@nid.edu

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17. Technovate Innovations

From accounting to infrastructure to IT support, Technovate Innovations has an all-new-way of building business ventures by systematic steps of production and management.

Funding: Provides Seed funding. They are the first private sector player in this area to receive recognition and funding from the Department of Science and Technology.

— Eliminating possible risks of startups

— Providing a large sum of investment

— Accommodative environment for nurturing business skills


Founder-CEO Program: This program at Venture Factory is uniquely designed to help mid-career executives and serial entrepreneurs build Billion Dollar ventures.

VF HealthCare Program: The program enables entrepreneurs to get mentored, access to industry leaders, connect with early adopters and get funding to work on the next big Healthcare venture.

Portfolio: Shippr, Autometrics, Green Power Systems, ZenParent, HealthSetu.

Contact: csr@i2india.in

18. Excubator

Excubator is a startup incubator [please click the next website page] and corporate venturing advisory organisation. An important part of the Excubator’s mission to also to assist the incubation centers, corporations and insitutions to mentor, screen, select, incubate and scale aspiring entrepreneurs.

Key person: Guhesh Ramanathan, Neeraj Gupta, Rakesh Mihsra, Arun S R

Funding: Provides seed funding and VC funding.

What do they provide?

— Categorized facilities, separated as per requirement (startups, enterprises etc.)

— Well-designed academic framework

— Helping to get connected to larger organizations and investor.

Portfolio: InfraEyes, Jigsaw academy, Thinqbot, Urbanpiper, Hipship, Winni and many more.

Contact: contact@excubator.org

19. Mobile 10X

Mobile 10X, based in Bangalore, is a program initiated by Internet and Mobile Association Of India(IAMAI) with the aim of making India a global app superpower in the next five years. It has partnered with several biggies like VMAX, Google, Paytm to boost the app ecosystem in India.

Key Person: Col. Jitender Minhas

What do they provide:

— They welcome people from various background to be part of their initiative — students seeking knowledge, developers seeking assistance, app entrepreneurs seeking incubation, investors and industry partners.

— They hold various events on mentoring, hackathons, workshops etc.

Contact: jitender@iamai.in

In a nutshell, be it getting access to investors, be it shaping the dream of an entrepreneur, or be it getting an accommodative workspace, incubators help you meet all your requirements as well as amplify your business growth. If you think we have not mentioned any of the incubators in Bangalore, let us know through the comments below!


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